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[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-08-30: Article 253 - Huge Numbers ~ Millions ~ Demonstrated Yesterday in Berlin for Freedom

I wrote the main part of this article yesterday evening after viewing multiple videos showing the people moving into the main demonstration square from ALL roads leading into Berlin. At the main meeting point there is a stage where speakers are addressing the crowds which are huge. On August 1st there was also a huge demonstration in Berlin and the media all over Europe are telling us that 20,000 people were demonstrating then, when the facts show that there were closer to one million 1,000,000 people.

Yesterday the expectations were even higher with several million people planning to come to Berlin. As I write this now it is Sunday morning and we do not have exact details of numbers but definitely there were even more people gathered than the 1 million on August 1st. My guess is that there were at least 1.5 million people demonstrating in Berlin yesterday!

Robert F Kennedy is in Berlin to be part of this and I am providing the best video here of him speaking yesterday! A MUST see of 12 minutes.

Written yesterday evening…

It will be very interesting to see if the media in Europe tell us anything at all this evening about these demonstrations. There might be up to 2 MILLION PEOPLE demonstrating in Berlin today! I have a strong feeling that the cabal also have their plans and will be using this situation to their benefit in some way.

It’s as if the whole world is erupting in demonstrations right now. The importance of our ongoing meditation and visualization of the Flower of Life and Pink Loving energy flooding the surface of the planet is truly necessary to prevent over violent reactions at this time.

I have to say that while watching the videos of the German people gathering and walking to these demonstrations it all seems to be perfectly calm and people seem to be generally in a good mood and enjoying the feeling of uniting in this way... I have not seen a single angry looking person on the footage that I have seen.

Here first a video showing people on the way towards the demonstration ~ some of the signs on the placards read like “RKI is the institute for the corona laws, and paid by Gates foundation” … “They can’t count!” … “Do they call this Freedom” …  “Let the masks fall” …  “Where your freedom ends” … “We ae the 2. Wave” … This first video is only a minute long

This next one which is over an hour clearly lets you see that there are huge numbers of people everywhere in the streets that this girl Carolin Matthie is showing us on her walk all over the city…

*Ein historischer Tag in Berlin?!// Wir sind dabei! Großdemonstration für unser aller Freiheit! 🍀’

Yet another hour long video here, showing how the demonstrators are calm, collected, relaxed and unified in this peaceful demonstration.

This 4 hour old video {8 mins long} already viewed by close to 250,000 people show clearly that the numbers gathering are enormous!

It seems that the mainstream media is saying that the demonstration is over but that makes no sense when the livestream is viewed {and there are many live stream videos}.

The police have been blocking some movement of people using cars and trucks.  The government has said that this is not allowed, because it seems that the highest court has allowed this demonstration.

So, the police are breaking the law.


Here are some of the reasons that the German people are gathering in Berlin.

1} The reasons are many and that’s why so many people are united. Different groups ~ the majority of people ~ are demonstrating for the following;

The Consequences of the Virus Restrictions, Lockdowns, Loss of work, Economy, Stupid Laws about the wearing of masks etc. like Children wearing masks in schools, 

2} Then there are groups demonstrating in front of the US and Russian Embassies ~ they were already demonstrating there on Friday 28th August.

They demonstrate there to demand that Trump and Putin finally give Germany peace after WW2.

It would seem that the Peace Contract that was promised then is still missing!!

3} Also I am informed that there have been NO VALID LAWS since 1871.

This is because there has never been an official Peace Contract and thus Germany is not a state but an enterprise and the gov is the CEO BRD Gmbh, which is listed in a Luxembourg register!!! 

This means that everything in Germany is a lie, no court, Justice, has the right to decide, rule, or speak about rights.

The consequences of this mean that paying tax is not allowed, but if you do not pay tax the government will take you down! 

Another consequence of this is that the entire German government and administration are workers in an enterprise, and all of this must end now!

4} Yet again others are demonstrating because Merkel has installed a dictatorship… just like it was in the old DDR – Eastern Germany.

It would seem that this is also true regarding the EU and many politicians are paid by the Soros foundation! 

Besides all of the above, Ministries and people are paid by the Gates foundation.

People in the demonstration have been seen carrying placards demanding the arrest of these guilty people.

The Truth and The Lies that MSM Report about this Demonstration

It’s 6:30 pm {Sat} and I’m watching a livestream sending by RT of the demonstration, where the people have gathered to listen to various speakers and the place is absolutely jam packed although people are moving in and out all the time. Every age group is represented in this demonstration. It’s Completely peaceful and wonderfully inspiring to see that the German people have truly united in saying exactly what they think about the corona restrictions and are desiring real change in their society.

Berlin 29th August 2020 ~ Press Image to Enlarge

Swedish 7pm News

I will shortly watch the 7pm Tv 4 Swedish channel news to see if this demonstration is taken up. Remember that Germany is one of Sweden’s next door neighbours.

This is what TV 4 reported.

“This is what it looked like on Saturday {a short video view from one street} when about 18,000 people demonstrated in Berlin against corona restrictions. The placards read “stop corona lies” and “freedom and health”. The demonstrators were a mixture of “extremists” from both right and left sides + vaccine opponents + conspiracy theorists!!!

The demonstration was allowed if people kept a 1:5 meter distance from one another. When this was not followed the police demanded that people put on masks and when people did not listen the police had to break up the demonstration at 1pm. However pictures from Brandenburger Square later this afternoon show that large numbers of people are still there.”

{OK they just HAD to tell about this demonstration having taken place. So the official German Msm report is what Sweden is telling us. NOT THE TRUTH - No surprise!!!}

7:30 pm Public Service Swedish Official channel.

This is what our official news channel reported. One sentence!

“About 20,000 people demonstrated in Berlin today against corona restrictions, but the police had to break up the demonstration because the people were not following restrictions of wearing masks etc.”

So there you have it that’s European EU Mainstream Media for you... all lies, lies and more lies...

The German people have not had an easy time in the aftermath of WW2. I have memories from the seventies of Swedish people traveling on sun holidays in Southern Europe and hearing complaints about the German tourists going down to the beach early morning and placing out their belongings, to get good places to sunbath, claiming large areas of the beach. My feelings at that time was that these were attempts made to keep their distance from others. They had to ‘take the blame’ for the holocaust for at least 5 decades. The majority of people in the rest of Europe couldn’t understand how the Germans had allowed themselves to be duped by Hitler. Hitler managed to control the German people through fear tactics.

The whole world has now been duped by fear tactics.

The German people are the most awake in Europe ~ indeed maybe the most awake in the world. They are not going to be fooled by Nazi fear tactics one more time.

Mainstream Media Control of Information Worldwide


When I this morning August 30th, 2020 seek images from yesterday’s demonstration in Berlin ...I see images from Belarus, Hong Kong, China, Catalonia etc...

Here are the numbers of demonstrators given by various MSM sources today August 30th

BBC News says... 38,000 and a lot more lies and propaganda

New York Times... “Thousands” gather to protest in Berlin about corona restrictions, but police shut down demonstration after one hour”

Washington Post... far right extremists try to storm German parliament.

Reuter’s... US News... In berlin the police arrested 300 and disbanded a protest... the number of 38,000 people is mentioned in the article with other propaganda.


Please share this information with anyone that might be awakened by it! Please make it viral on your blogs and websites… Namaste

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