Friday, July 24, 2020

[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-07-24: Article 238 - Getting Ready ~ Being Ready + Flower of Life Meditation

We have what I call crazy weather in Sweden right now. It’s very unpredictable, and one minute the wind is making the birch trees top branches outside my window bend in two, and the next it’s completely calm…. mostly however its windy! I find this weather affecting me in a way that makes me feel stressful. It’s like as if the wind is saying to me… move on… move on… keep going… much to do… to be ready in time… The wind right now is coming from the north and there is very little summer heat. Tomorrow we will have rain all day and grey clouds. However on Saturday the 25th sunshine and southern winds are promised, and I have decided to go to a lake and swim no matter what. It does not feel like summer unless I get to swim and sunbathe so that I feel ‘enough’ which hardly ever happens in this country.

So yes, I am experiencing an inner stress which does not seem to have any basis in reality. I recall that Lee Harris said that the second half of July would be a very energetic time when things are moving quickly.  He mentioned that the energy of July would be focused around a triangle energy where the words control – freedom – and power would be at play. Sometimes it feels as if I am affected by the ‘war’ taking place above our heads right now. ITS FOR REAL…and thank Goodness we are making headway, yet we must no doubt be affected by it all.

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I really want to say that it would be marvellous if many of us could continually do the FLOWER OF LIFE meditation as Cobra has suggested until the end of 2020.

Many of you will no doubt wonder if that means that The Event might not happen this year? I do not interpret his {the Resistance Movements} suggestion like that at all.

I have asked my Guides to please give me an idea of a time frame BEYOND the Event for using this meditation. How long would Goddess – Divine Mother be happy that we helped to continue to keep things in balance with this meditation. The answer that I receive is that it would be good to do this meditation up to about 7-8 months’ time beyond The Event.

We already know that the time will be chaotic in many ways for the many, as they adjust to all of the new information. Emotional reactions will be strong and anything that balances the situation and brings greater harmony is always a bonus.

This meditation is SO beautiful. And it’s SO easy. When you have done it one time you will recall the details and easily do it whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Of course it would be even stronger if we could try to do it at one or more of the 4 hourly time periods suggested each day. You can see your times on the diagram here.

For me here in Sweden the four hourly times would be 1400, 1800, 2200, 0200, 0600, 1000, and then 1400 again. It is very unlikely that I will be awake at 0200 any night and 0600 I might also be asleep, but if the other times are times that I am free I will try to keep this up. Also even once a day is great or any time if you feel like it.

At the back of my mind I find that I want to be completely ready for the Event now as regards having food and cash on hand in case. There is no point in waiting to stock up at the last minute. Yes, I have stocked up at least three times and eaten my way through that food, however, this time I feel that it may very well come to be needed when things get crazy.

Right now we are on the threshold to a new world. We are on the threshold to a new existence. The old has to fall away. We have all had our crosses to bear in the old world. We have each of us had to find our ways forward many times not understanding why things were so difficult in our world. There were of course so many unseen hinders to our development that we did not have a clue about.

These hinders were brought about because powerful beings who needed to keep control over this world had placed us in situations where they had a greater chance of keeping us in place and in control. Yes, here I am speaking about those among us who were especially controlled by the archons who controlled our world.  Our incarnations were controlled meticulously by the archons. We were programmed in our incarnations to be easily controlled. The only way that we could affect things was by deciding as groups of souls to incarnate together, so as to be able to support one another in some way during our lives here to alleviate our existence.

We were very often placed in situations where we very early in life, had no choice but to take on huge responsibility. This burden of responsibility was so deeply programmed into our beings as to give guilt at the slightest thought of desiring to be free from the demands that we felt that we had to live up to. 

We were not so good at looking after ourselves. Our priorities were such that our own needs always came in last. There was never enough energy left after taking care of everyone else’s needs to actually consider how we could change these patterns. We each of us had our different patterns of living that were so difficult to change. Yet we did change the patterns. We did succeed in leaving the programming behind, slowly bit by bit we learned ways to take back our power.

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Now as I write I see clearly how the interplay between power, control and freedom is the energy that we are dealing with now just as Lee mentioned in his July energy update.

We now know that we cannot live other peoples lives for them. We have finally learned to accept that others too must go on their path of learning and discover their own truths of being.

My entire life has been such that I have always had others near me, that I have felt obliged to help and support in various ways due to my programming. When you have lived with such a deep pattern of being for over 60 years it does not leave you easily. Yet I know now that I have left this programming behind finally. It’s not such a long time ago at all, that I finally capitulated and said enough … and left it all in the hands of the Goddess.

I now realise that the winds relentlessly blowing daily are trying to remind me that I no longer need to feel stress about what I should be doing, ought to be doing, who I ought to be helping. The stress can abate… when I fully and totally accept without the slightest doubt whatsoever that I no longer have control over anything anymore. That I certainly do not have control over or responsibility for, anyone else’s life or feelings.

My one and only responsibility from now on is taking care of my own needs properly and completely in every sense of the word every day.

My only other responsibility is to believe with every fibre of my being in the world that I will create for me on the road up ahead. The more energy and love that I can put into creating the most wonderful existence for myself in the future is the best gift that I can give to the world and everyone else.

I will create Heaven on Earth for myself and be an example for others to see that that is indeed possible.

Finally, I have learned what I came here to learn and to teach. In loving myself unconditionally in every way possible I am creating paradise for everyone else in the process. What freedom. What joy. What blessings.


Therese Z

PS; if you in any way feel that you might benefit from receiving emotional healing right now then please accept the beautiful gift of emotional healing that the Pleiadian Galactic Family members are offering us now. See Cobra’s latest update for information # 237. The more that we are healed the more that we can freely enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer.

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  1. When youvown a business and you have a payroll to runbthe stress is difficult to control.
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