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[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-07-21: Article 236 - The Russian are Coming

The Russians are Coming

I have lived in this country for almost 50 years now. The threat that ‘the Russians might be coming’ has always been there in the background. The relationship between Sweden and Russia has always been frosty to say the least.

The UN has been doing all that it can to have Sweden leave its neutrality behind and become a fully-fledged UN member state.

Even if that has not officially happened, we have had an increasingly closer relationship with the UN.

Our official Swedish tv channel has a journalist in Russia and because I know better, I can say that he is giving us a picture that has very little basis in truth. I am informed that 3 of his main contacts in Russia that provide him with information for Sweden are Jesuit agents which he no doubt does not have a clue about!

I have never ever heard the man say one positive thing about Russia or its people. He doesn’t seem to say anything of cultural importance or provide any in depth look at any situation. His reports are generally just negative opinions about anything Russian and a very expressed Putin phobia. When taking a look at his background I just discovered that I am not alone in this observation and here is a quote from an article linked below.

Text in Swedish

”Det Bert ”presterar” är ju egentlig mening bara samma eländiga skåpmat som Maria Persson Löfgren kallade oberoende och fakta under sina "antiryska febertillstånd” vare sig hon rapporterade från Moskva eller Kiev, i Studio 1 eller Gomorron Sverige.

Det är hög tid att SVT och du som Utrikeschef, tar in Bert Sundström på ett avvecklingssamtal. Hans återkommande rapporter har ju ingenting med seriös journalistisk analys att göra utan låter i grunden precis som USA:s många propagandasändare och underrättelsetjänster eller varför inte ”våra” egna associerade dito gör, vad de nu än kallar sig.”


What Bert ’achieves’ is really only the same dreadful outdated concepts that Maria Persson Löfgren called independent facts during her “anti-Russian fever-condition“, whether she was reporting from Moscow or Kiev, in studio 1 or ‘Good-Morning Sweden’.

It is high time that SVT {Swedish Public Service TV} and you as Foreign Minister {Charlotta Friborg} bring Bert Sundström in for a layoff discussion. His recurring reports have nothing to do with serious journalistic analysis. They sound basically just like the many US propaganda messages and intelligence community or why not “our” own likewise associated do, whatever they now call themselves.”

While reading for example the transcript of Putin’s recent address to the Russian nation it struck me that here in Sweden, we know NOTHING about Russia. Now of course people who are interested in the country and its development etc. can find what I have found and much more, however they will NOT find out anything that shows a correct picture of the situation in Russia today through the official Swedish media channels. As far as getting some truth about the country goes, from the journalist representing Swedish National TV in Russia is concerned, the man might as well be living in Timbuktu and sending reports about Russia from there. So the question is WHO decides which journalists report back to Sweden and the Swedes?

Vladimir Putin


Vladimir Putin was provided with a spiritual experience by the Pleiadians.

This took place sometime in 2014. Since that time he has had ongoing strategic support from the Pleiadians so that he can avert disaster. He now has very deep knowledge about the workings of the worldwide cabal and not in least pertaining to the role of Russia in their plans. His role in these worldwide meetings over the past five years has been to keep a balance to prevent disaster. Because of this at least one major risk for worldwide war has been averted.

Development in Russia

One area that V Putin has placed focus upon is agricultural development. The focus here is upon biologically friendly eco sustainable development. Russians themselves have been encouraged to take part in this pioneering venture of first and foremost good food for Russia. Citizens who are willing to move and change their lifestyle can find free access to land so that a family can be self-sufficient regarding food.

If one does a search on the internet regarding this subject one can find a myriad of articles literally degrading and finding fault with these Russian pioneering projects. What the world gets to hear about this is that they have ‘sustainable green agriculture because they are too poor to afford industrial agricultural practices’ and a lot more BS regarding Russian plans in this area of development.

IF it was a question of the Russians being too poor for western agricultural developments, then all I would say is "Thank God for them that they cannot afford Monsanto and the likes!!!"

Putin would not allow Monsanto into Russia. He is all too aware of their manipulative and dangerous control in the area of food. He would be well informed about such things as the suicides among Indian farmers. I am guided to say that approximately 30,000 Indian farmers have taken their lives because of Monsanto’s controlling and economically devastating practices. No doubt you have heard that many of these suicides came about through farmers drinking their famous poisonous ‘Round-Up’ product.

Here is a link to an article that sheds some truth upon Russian agricultural development.

Russia’s Agricultural Ambitions in the Far East: How can India Engage? - Indian Council of World Affairs (Government of India)

View of the Kremlin, with the Kremlin Wall, the towers, and the Grand Kremlin Palace (right). ~ Click to Enlarge

Crimean War


As with any war, finding out the truth of what really happened is almost impossible. Who would benefit most from a war in the Crimean peninsula? Who mostly wanted tension building between EU and Russia? You already know the answer as it would be the Cabal. As they have employed / created every possible opportunity to create war, that might potentially lead to WW3, this was yet another one of those efforts. They created a situation of tension in the Ukraine by creating infighting between the pro-western EU citizens who protested about the government not signing a trade agreement with the EU and the government.

The truth of the matter is that there was a vote taken in Crimea. V Putin claims that 90% of Crimeans’ wanted to become part of Russia.

The Cabal in the EU and US started placing food sanctions on Russia.

To make matters worse and increase tensions the Cabal then arranged the shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft flight 17 killing 300 people and had the blame put on pro-Russian separatists.

Because Vladimir Putin is all too aware of the fact that the worldwide Cabal want to start WW3 he has been able to avoid that development in the Ukraine despite ongoing attempts to create more tension in this area.

Here is the real truth behind this earlier situation in the Ukraine…. I am providing just a portion of this update and the link for those who wish to read more.


Zbigniew Brzezinski, a Jesuit belonging to a black nobility family originating from Brzezany, Ukraine, is the mastermind behind the Ukraine conflict.

The plan of the Jesuits is to support the Illuminazi and Zionist factions in their hunger for war, hoping to suck Putin into a direct conflict:

Putin, instead, will just stand his ground, protecting Russian citizens inside Ukraine in full compliance with Russian-Ukrainian agreements:

Ukrainian forces in Crimea have surrendered without a single shot being fired:

Deux tetes a la fenetre ~ Marc Chagall ~ Russian-French artist of Belarusian Jewish origin ~ Click to Enlarge

And peace in Crimea is in a process of being restored:

Full original report


Food Sanctions against Russia.


It is now 6 years ago that sanctions were initiated against Russia.

During these six years so much has happened. The Russians have adapted to the situation and have come out on top. Some articles one reads on this subject will point out that for example the Russian wheat does not hold the same quality as the US and similar comparisons. I do not believe this propaganda for one minute. I have no doubt that the Russians have very high quality food. In fact the sanctions have created an enormous creativity in the area of food production, and I am convinced that the Russians now have better food than ever. I am saying this knowing that we in the ‘west’ are stuck with so much multinational food that is definitely not of superior character.

When multinational food corporations like Unilever and Nestle buy up smaller companies producing food, they change the ingredients to cheaper ingredients while keeping the original food name.

I have recently spent some time looking at food that I have earlier considered to be Swedish and discovered that these companies have been taken over by multinationals. I am not going to mention the brand names here but for example I could earlier buy some ‘quick fix’ type of sauces to have in stock if needed. The brand that I could use because I am allergic to wheat used potato or cornflour in these sauces. Then the ingredients changed .... wheat was used after the multinational company took over.

In the area of frozen vegetarian products the same thing has happened to a famous Swedish make. The brand looks the same but where alternative vegetarian protein such as soya once was the main ingredient you now find wheat protein.

The multinationals come in and buy good brands and keep their names and provide us with lower quality food. This happens all the time.

I know of at least 5 companies but in reality, there are about 15 here in Sweden.

So in my mind the Russians are much better off food wise without western food entering the country.

Map of European Russia (click map to enlarge)

Russia Is Winning the Sanctions Game | The National Interest

Putin extends ban on European food imports until end of 2020 - Reuter

Reactions to The Event

How can a country and its people be more or less ready for The Event and the changes that it will bring? The readiness of a country must depend to the greatest extent upon how much truth the people in that country are already aware of.

Cobra explained to us in 2016 that “Sources close to Putin have communicated that in the last few years, Russia is supporting Disclosure by allowing Russian press full freedom in releasing intel about Disclosure. The only problem is that most of this is published in Russian and when Russian journalists try to approach Western media with the English translation of their articles, they are turned down.”

So it would seem that the Russian people have a greater awareness than most countries about the madness taking place in the rest of the world. While looking through a Russian State official site and reading Putin’s latest address to the Russian nation I feel that it has a sincere feeling and shows a deep knowledge and respect for the citizens of Russia. I am informed that 77% of Russians both like and admire their President.

So are the Russian people going to be in shock just like the rest of the world. Yes of course; that is unavoidable.

Are they going to be as shocked as the rest of the world when the truth comes out about everything? Let’s compare the reactions to the whole truth being received in the USA and Europe and in Russia.

My Guides say that the shock level from 1-10 on a scale where 10 is the highest level of shock, the people of the USA and EU will score a 10 level shock. In Russia this level would be 7.5.

Now that is a HUGE difference!

Putin ~ Master of Sports in Judo

Vladimir Putin Personal

He began learning Judo aged 11 and firmly believes that martial arts teach the kind of knowledge, abilities and skills that every politician needs. He holds the title Master of Sports in Judo and Putin is also multiple champion of St Petersburg in Sambo and Master of Sports in Sambo. He holds a black belt in karate.

He loves skiing. He loves animals and is actively engaged in the protection of endangered species and rare species by overseeing the respective programmes.

He married Lyudmila Shkrebneva in 1983. They have two daughters Maria and Katerina born in 1985 and 1986. According to their mother, Lyudmila, Mr Putin loves his daughters very much. “Not all fathers are as loving with their children as he is. And he has always spoiled them, while I was the one who had to discipline them,” she says.

The couple divorced in 2013. The couple, who had been married for 30 years, made their divorce public on Russian state television after attending a ballet performance.

"It was a joint decision: we hardly see each other, each of us has our own life," Mr Putin said.

Lyudmila said” The divorce was "civilised”, and the couple would "always remain close", she said.

"I am very grateful to Vladimir... that he still supports me. And the children, he really cares for them and the children feel this," she added.

If you would like to see more personal childhood photos etc. go to these links.

Here an interview where he gives his personal view on the sanctions against Russia ~ subtitles in English available.

Russia on the global stage and relations with the United States (interview to TASS) • President of Russia

Grand Peterhof Palace St Petersburg ~ Click to Enlarge

Peace in Syria

Vladimir Putin’s involvement in removing the power of the Islamic State in Syria has brought us as close to peace as is possible right now. See more information below.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Planetary Situation Update {re risk of war in Syria}

They are hoping of provoking Putin, but he is in contact with brilliant Pleiadian military strategists and most likely he will play it wisely, using diplomacy, international public opinion and military support to Syrian army rather that direct confrontation with the United States.


Some other Interesting Information from Cobra about Russia over the years.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Eastern Alliance sprang into action. The Eastern Alliance is a loose group of BRICS government officials, Interpol personnel, members of Chinese and Russian military forces, White Dragons Society and Positive Templars who work under indirect guidance of the Resistance Movement to liberate this planet.

BRICS group has announced the creation of a new global bank that will become one of the building blocks of the new financial system:

Vladimir Putin, the spokesman of the Eastern Alliance, has made steps to expose the actions of the Cabal to the masses during the current Syria crisis:

Ergaki is a nature park located in the south of the Krasnoyarsk Krai in the Western Sayan mountain range in southern Siberia. Image: Andrea Gennad ~ Click to Enlarge

Friday, January 16, 2015

Planetary Situation Update

Second, Russia has threatened to cut gas supplies through Illuminazi controlled Ukraine towards Europe in the middle of the winter and reroute gas through Turkey, effectively forcing European countries to choose sides: 

It is also an intel war and it appears that the following article is disinfo: 

Meanwhile, the Alliance is rapidly building the new financial infrastructure to be ready when the Event comes:

Friday, March 25, 2016

New Russian technology brings a manned trip to Mars much closer to reality:

Sources close to Putin have communicated that in the last few years, Russia is supporting Disclosure by allowing Russian press full freedom in releasing intel about Disclosure. The only problem is that most of this is published in Russian and when Russian journalists try to approach Western media with the English translation of their articles, they are turned down.

State-sponsored Russian institutes are researching and investigating UFO phenomena and are actively searching for working overunity {free energy} technologies but are stating that only about 5% of intel about free energy from Western sources is usable. Putin had a deep spiritual contact experience with the Pleiadians years ago that transformed him and this is the occult reason behind his steadfast fight against the Cabal.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

As the quarantine Earth is about to open, mainstream plans to colonize the Solar System are beginning to sound more realistic:đ

And Russia has joined many nations that plan to put tourists in near space within a few years:

All those plans are attempts of the Light forces to speed up the process towards the Compression Breakthrough.

May 2nd, 2017

Also, Russian mainstream media now talk openly about Trump being controlled by the deep state:

TZ here; Some More Information about Russia

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