Saturday, November 11, 2017

[FBI DEPARTMENT OF COSMIC JUSTICE] 2017-11-11: Tangible physical Evidence

Below is a new short post from the FBI Department of Cosmic Justice, which seems to be a new blog opened by someone workin FBI and in co-operation of the Light Forces.

From his information, he seems to indicate that the Full Disclosure is about to roll out very soon.
We are reaching a point where many physical evidence about many truths and lies will start to appear everywhere so real tangible evidence cannot be held back for much longer and the cabal is doomed.Everything they will try to do will fail and they have ran out of options and they are trapped.There is no escape or hiding place for them and they cannot leave the planet because they are stopped by Light forces. More physical actions and intervention will happen from many light factions on the surface of the planet and off the planet and that will culminate into the complete takedown of the cabal so the coming days and months will be full of action and full of surprises.Many suppressed truth's will be known to the public.The CIA and other cabal Agencies and faction's will be charged with enormous crime's against humanity for

massive cover ups, Conspiracies,murders etc. All individuals responsible for enermous crime's against humanity will be arrested and will face Cosmic justice. Enormous physical evidence about everything will be released to the public in the coming days and months.


  1. ....when ??....THE TRUTH and THE JUSTICE will join EARTH ???...I wonder....

  2. send these guys all the Light they need to get through their tough time
    let's show the rest of the Universe the amazing strength we have
    I wish nothing but the best for everyone
    Smooth and graceful