Wednesday, November 29, 2017

[Cosmic Agent] 2017-11-28: The decisive moments before Liberation

All corruption and crimes are being exposed now on all levels of governments, organizations and in the whole society. The cabal agencies the CIA, NSA, NRO, NGA and other cabal organizations and factions are under heavy investigation now and many arrests have already been made of course much more is coming also the Small cabal group in FBI is being taken out and just to clarify most people working in FBI are actually honest and genuine people who are against the cabal and their criminal activities so there is only a small cabal group now.

The Bushes, Clinton's and rothschilds are being taken out nicely and they have lost already and their final round up is just around the corner. There is a time frame set for the cabal final removal which is classified now so this game cannot and will not continue for much longer. There is more and more intervention from the Light forces and the dark forces are very weak now and this will become evident very soon. The liberation of planet earth is very close and the famous EVENT is not far away from now and nothing can stop this from happening. Meanwhile the indictments are rising and there will be eventually more than 10000 arrests only in US the rest will happen in Europe etc.

The real master minds behind most crimes against humanity are in Europe not in US and are linked to Black nobility families and jesuits factions in Italy, Spain, UK, Germany etc.After so many delays everything is now coming to a conclusion the next months will be explosive and decisive. The Cosmic hammer is ready to fall on the dark forces.


  1. When wil truth World Wide being told, by example the Bilderberg Group and Brussel dictators and Politicians, Banks crimes etc IRS etc. Wil they being Arrest by the Justice also of their behavior????????? Hopefully can Cobra telling about how this wil achieve.?

  2. It is wonderful! Victory of Light!