Thursday, September 14, 2017

[GaiaPortal] 2017-09-11: Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve

With some delays,  below is a new GaiaPortal mesage published on 11th September, which again is a very positive message:
Planetary burdens unveil and dissolve.

Fortunates are liberated.

Presumptives come to the fore and primaries are installed.

hu-beings become Hue-Beings.
I would interpret the message as follows:

- Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, which have been widely reported as the results of the weather modifications by the Cabal, have dissolve due to the meditation efforts by Lightworkers around the world.

- People in the affected areas were able to avoid the most undesirable fates.

- Most basic elements of love prevails in these weather situations.

- General population on Earth are ready to ascend.


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