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[Veritas Galactic Sweden] 2020-10-14: Article 265 - Expect The Unexpected


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Someone recently posted information claiming that Compression Breakthrough or The Event would take place on December 21st this year. After so many years of hoping and so many movements forwards and backwards I wouldn’t dream of giving a date for The Event.

Hasn’t Cobra said many a time {and indeed I have said the same on many occasions} that The Event will NOT BE ANNOUNCED in any way, shape or form in the media... AND THAT INCLUDES THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA. Of course that won’t stop people speculating and not in least now, when the details that we have already received from the RM about the final ongoing war show amazing progress.

Don’t listen to ANY SPECULATIVE INFORMATION providing dates for Compression Breakthrough but follow your own heart knowing instead.

On September 23rd, 3 weeks ago, we were informed that the final battle was raging in sublunar space to take down the Draco fleet. We were informed that the Resistance Movement below surface were beginning the process of removing the IBC in the underground bases. The operatives in the Resistance Movement number about ~ at least 200 million and they have been ready for these operations for a long time. We also know that there are many things happening to remove the power of the worldwide Cabal on the surface. The details about the surface operations must remain classified.

Beyond this information we are aware that the operation called Delta Option could be used by the Positive Military in close proximity to the American elections.

All of this information is telling us clear as day that the day of Compression Breakthrough cannot be too far off.

Cobra has said ‘everyone will be surprised’ when this takes place.

So why even bother at this point to speculate upon which day this Transition of all transitions will take place?

In fact one could say that it is already taking place.

In fact the groundwork that is currently taking place is more than a perfect basis for a calmer Transition to Nova Gaia.

But have no doubt that when The Event does take place, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind as to whether it has, or it hasn’t... it will be as clear as day.

The other day I posted a channelled message from Divine Mother or as She is also known Universal Mother Mary. In that message the reader Susan is asking Mother if 2021 will be a lot ‘easier’ a year. She tells the reader that there will still be some upheaval problems in the spring. Here are Her exact words to the question ‘will it be easier next year’...

"It will. The first part of your 2021 will continue to see some upheaval, some clean-up – and I do not simply mean in the USA, but on a more global level as well. There are those, many of whom have existed in positions of favour or power, who are, shall we say, resistant to a shift on the planetary level and so that creates some of this back and forthing in the clean-up. But, by springtime, you will literally feel as if you are living in the promise."

Now I think that you will agree with me if you read this channelled message # 264 {channelled by one of the most reliable channels on the planet} that Mother is referring to the time after The Event.

Also in this message, we hear that any fear mongering about the health care situation for people growing worse in the coming months is all lies and has no basis in reality.

Germany Today

I have knowledge about the following plans by the elite for the German people. As you are all aware Berlin had an enormous demonstration where on average 1:2 million people took part some weeks ago. The German people are the most awake Europeans. Now there are plans by the ‘waterworks’ to use chemicals to calm the population... to put them to sleep, when riots or demonstrations take place in the future. The German economy has been going down the drain {every aspect of German society} for between 3 and 4 years now and step by step everything is moving towards a total collapse. Right now in Germany the numbers of suicides are greater than corona virus cases.

Germany is facing the collapse of about 1 million enterprises and this would mean that many millions of Germans are about to lose their income with no hope of other work available. Travel within the country is restricted because of the lockdowns. As so many people are now unable to pay their loans the collapse of banks is inevitable. Every day new laws are added to take down normal life.

Now you will say that this is what is taking place in other countries too and that’s true. I am guided to say that about 7 other countries have similar scenarios taking place and all of these countries have been among the wealthier more affluent societies in the past.

As Cobra mentioned recently the cabal have been way too successful in keeping the virus story alive. We see this now every day on the Swedish news, that France, Portugal, Holland, Czechia and Belgium have increased numbers of virus cases. Here in Stockholm they are now claiming that by studying the water in Stockholm they can gauge an equal amount of COVID cases now as there were in May. Every day they have some new scare tactic like today’s message that Australia now claims evidence that the virus can remain alive on steel surfaces and mobile phone surfaces for up to a month!


There are no large increased numbers of cases in any country that are REAL.

Testing shows that you have COVID even if you have just had a common cold!!!

The so called measuring of the water is most likely more false testing, along with the Australian virus nonsense.

But you know all of this... you would not possibly believe any of this propaganda, would you?


You will recall that Cobra has used the term End Time Madness on several of his updates since early this year. So NO MATTER WHAT YOU SEE TAKING PLACE AROUND YOU, no matter how crazy the situation has become in the country that you presently live in, do NOT BELIEVE for one minute that this will deteriorate into an even worse situation. It’s all just a part of the end time madness. It’s all just clear signs that the cabal have gone totally crazy wanting to attack human society every way possible before their demise which they know is on the way.

If you read the message from Divine Mother the other day, then you should be aware {if you follow this blog no doubt you ARE already aware} of the fact that...

"When the collective is anticipating massive upheaval, violence, civil war, civil unrest, etc., then, in fact, that is what is creating it.

The expectation is feeding the creation.

So when you hold the intention of peace, of a kinder, gentler, more compassionate, cohesive world, then that is what you are creating.

So the fear factor is, in fact, encouraged by those who wish to maintain the chaos and upheaval. Do you understand what I say?"

We create our reality ~ so there is only one focus that should be strongest in your mind’s eye from now on and that is ‘Victory of the Light’ is imminent!

Expect the Unexpected

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  1. Gogogo! It was amazing to read it again today here. My head is hurting as if it is eyes hurt as if they were exploding. Since the moment I woke up and it has been like this for many weeks so far...