Friday, May 22, 2020

Message from Therese Zumi Sumner + Watch Out for Imposters ~ Con Artists ~ Manipulators

 Please see below an important message from Therese Zumi Sumner.


Dear readers, Hoshino of The Event Hub has kindly offered to help me to get a message out to my readers about the current situation with my website Veritas Galactic Sweden and my Facebook Page blog.

On Tuesday May 19th I was about to make a post on my FB blog. I couldn’t. I subsequently made two other attempts using just a picture without text and could not post. So I am blocked from posting on my own Facebook page.

Well I thought, they can’t affect my website which has been running for 8 years without a problem. But my website server went down as I attempted to post there.

The last extensive article on my website blog {Introduction page of Veritas Galactic Sweden} was about the amazing progress that we have made in the past 22 months with the help of 5 major meditations. This article moved so quickly on Facebook....quicker than any article so far and within 12 hours had reached about 22,000 people.

I thought then ‘wow censorship is gone down on FB’....... not so apparently.

Hoshino who owns this blog is also the founder of the amazing site ‘We Love Mass Meditations’ and works alongside the Resistance Movement and Cobra.

War on Information

 At this point in time there is an information war taking place. Please be aware of this when you are introduced to new videos, interviews etc. The dark is so beguiling and manipulative, and they are strongly present among those people that many believe to be a part of the Lightworker community.


We are in the midst of a war between Light and dark forces on this planet. Always keep that in mind.

Imposters ~ Con Artists ~ Manipulators

I would like to explain that I might seem to be writing in riddles when I continue here. There are things that I would like you to think about and figure out and so I will not ~ nor am I able ~ to say things exactly as I see them. Even if you upon reading this, begin to realise that you too might suddenly have an idea about who the unmentioned names are, I must ask you to refrain from sending me questions like “are you referring to so and so” because I simply cannot tell you right now.


Cobra gave us an image some time ago with a text about how the Jesuits and their Archon Masters have kept us under control. They wait UNTIL WE FIGURE SOMETHING OUT ….and then they USURP that new information and MAKE IT THEIR OWN ……you need to understand this to be truly discerning. This is what the Jesuits have always done successfully for 500 years and continue to do to the bitter end. Take any subject under the sun and they will be there among the experts. They are ALWAYS AMONG THE EXPERTS. They are to be found worldwide in every walk of life. They are to be found among the rich and the poor. They are most certainly to be found in the ‘lightworker’ community or to be specific the ‘false lightworker’ community.


Whenever something was about to change in society - whenever a new trend in any area showed its face on the horizon = you can be completely sure that the Jesuit’s will be there in the front rows seeming to lead the way. They are there in bringing forth some new technology, some new ‘religion’, new trends in every area. Not in least they too will be forerunners in the truth movement.


This has been happening time and time again on this planet for at least 500 years via the Jesuits. Their schools and universities and learning institutions are everywhere on all 5 continents. They have their tentacles everywhere. Time and time again they have been on both sides in all wars. They rise again like the Phoenix from the ashes to regain control over humanity.



What are the trends of the time now?


People want change and specifically they want to hear the truth from new leaders in society.


People want the evil in society to be exposed and dealt with.


They want to hear people speaking out and expressing truths about what has been wrong in society.


Let me take an example.


Let’s say that a whistleblower comes forward. Say that this new whistleblower has been working in the corporate business world. They have come across some information in this area that implicates many well-known people as being totally corrupt and manipulative and standing to earn millions at the expense of others lives.


There are many journalists who desire to be among the first to speak personally with this whistleblower and get the information out all over the internet.


Suddenly this whistleblower is being interviewed left right and centre. The truth that this whistleblower brings forth is astounding and will radically change the way the general public thinks and believes.


The truth coming forth is so big that society will have to change for people to be able to accept any authority figures.


Think about it. Think deeper. You see that if the Jesuits {who come in every way shape and form} are to continue running the show on earth in the future like they have done for the past 500 years then they will HAVE TO BE AMONG THE FORERUNNERS ~ or should I say that they will have to appear to be the forerunners so that they can continue to exist and control.


This means that they will be among those people who are condemning evil in all forms. They will be among those people who have great knowledge and great connections.


If there are now some questions rising up within you, regarding the trustworthiness of some person or persons in the truth movement then maybe you should attempt to take a deeper look at who they are?


Do they surround themselves with any type of symbology (you can be sure that the core manipulative Jesuits will make sure that the symbols around them are fool proof i.e. seem to be universally good in some way) that is suspicious in any way?

You know that the dark ones have a rule whereby they must reveal the truth to you somehow in plain sight .... but it takes a trained eye to notice the small revealing details.


There are always signs. I recall years ago that a very popular ‘lightworker’ used some strange expressions when he spoke about the evil in the Vatican. It felt archaic and there was something ‘fishy’ about it. Also the way this person expressed himself was as if to say, ‘I have been called upon to reveal the evil in the Vatican’ and one got the impression that it was he and only he who could do this job. What I am saying here is that there was a lack of humility. A truly spiritual person will always show more signs of humility and less signs of ego.


I wrote to Cobra explaining my questioning of this persons use of words and wondering if he could comment. He didn’t reply. He couldn’t reply. Because we must make these discoveries for ourselves. Sometime later I was provided with ‘signs’ that showed me clearly that there was a certain lop-sidedness ~ an unbalanced scales where this person was getting way too much credit for his work from me. Eventually more and more signs appeared, and it became clear to me that this person, who to this day is revered for his work by many, was in fact a core Jesuit.


Over the years my list of ‘suspicious’ ‘lightworkers’ has grown. I can now see more clearly that the suspicious ones are in fact core Jesuits ~ the ones that will allow the Jesuits to lead the way forward (they believe) into the future. So when the controlling cabal structures of religion, bankers, politicians, royalty etc. falls apart like a house of cards they will be able to pick up the pieces and continue to control society in their new roles as modern awake truthers.


One of the greatest fears among people when they encounter new ideas and ideals and communities, is that they will end up being controlled once again, by someone new who appears at first to be their saviour.


The fear is certainly a healthy one. We need to be of a suspicious nature as true Light workers, to use discernment always. Most of you will have heard the expression ‘there is no smoke without fire’. My own motto is ‘when in doubt leave it out’.


Veritas Galactic Sweden


I do not know when I can have my website up and running again so I can continue my work there?


I will not be returning to facebook.



Please Make This Message Viral


Dear friends I am asking of you that you repost this message from me on your blogs and websites. We who are working in unity towards liberation on this planet need to join forces. I would especially ask for support from those websites that have joined the Gaia Confederation website to please repost this message from me.


We have recently had a new update from Cobra with a lot of information. The only comment that I would like to make about this update is this we need to listen carefully to the following request from the Light Forces.


“The main message of the Light Forces for the surface population now is that people need to connect to their Soul,


release their dependency from digital media,


be honest and sincere with themselves,


connect to what is beautiful, pure and true,


develop nobility of character and release judgement and denial.”


Namaste Therese Z


  1. I will miss your posts, and your work. I will check your website. We are nearly there, Therese, and I hope your vision for your life is more amazing than you can see.

  2. Thank you dear Therese for this powerful message, I will spread it. Namaste, namaste, namaste.
    Peace, love, light
    my fb name...Pleiadian Lilah

  3. Love you, Therese! God speed! Looking forward to the new website as well. -April

  4. very good article mrs therese and it was very informative and inspiring..