Sunday, December 09, 2018

Decree to remove contracts with the dark

In the Ascension Conference at Sao Paulo, Cobra mentioned that every person who has ever incarnated into this planet has undergone programs and quarantine from the Light to keep from awakening. This is because we have signed a contract with the dark forces which was an agreement to be implanted and programmed. The implant process consists of putting crystals into our body charged with strong electromagnetic forces rotating around a black hole. (The black hole receives negative anomaly from areas that the dark forces cultivate and collect). This is the first layer of programming.

He recommended the following decree which can help us to remove and cancel our primary contracts with the dark forces.  It is recommended to say this 3 times out loud everyday for 3 weeks.

“In the name of my I Am Presence,

In the name of my Soul,

In the name of the Source,

In the name of all beings of Light,

I cancel and nullify all my primary contracts with the dark forces.

All my primary contracts with the dark forces are now null and void.

All consequences of these contracts, past, present and future,

are now null and void.

So be it and so it is.”

A poster for this decree has been created and you may share it freely to everyone who are interested in removing contracts with the dark.

You may also do add this decree to your meditation routine if you wish.

Victory of the Light!

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