Thursday, May 03, 2018

Play our own game, not theirs

The current situation on this planet can be described as a war (both physical and spiritual) between the Light Forces (who want to set us free for ascension) and the dark forces (who want to keep us under quarantine and prevent us from evolving spiritually).

For the sake of argument, it can be seen as a match between two teams (Cabal/Chimera/Archons vs. Lightworkers/Truther/Galactic Light Forces).

The game of control of the Cabal has been so successful because of their "disciplines". They are relatively united among their own factions, and they execute their game plan of "divide and conquer" so effectively in all key areas.

To win any team game of sport, regardless of the quality of each individual players, any coach would expect his/her team to:
  • execute the given game plan effectively
  • try to stop your opponents from playing the game as they would like

Applying this to planetary liberation, the points above can be converted to the following "team talk" for Lightworkers:

  • we need to stop the Cabal from "dividing and conquering" us, i.e. achieve unity in Lightworker community 
  • play our game, either participate in meditations or help strengthening the planetary light grids. This include the requirement that we need to work on our inner aspect and raise our vibrations with "discipline". Do not get provoke by situations and show empathy to our fellow lightworkers.

Given our opponent is the expert in their game, it means doing only one of the above won't be enough. And there is no chance of beating them by luck.

Unfortunately, we are currently playing into the hands of the dark forces. And if we do not change the way we do things now, The Event may not come anytime soon or come as smoothly as we would like.

This article written by Untwine also provide some practical ideas on how we can "play" in this game together with harmony:

I would also recommend every Lightworkers to read "The Last Hours Of Ancient Sunlight" written by Thom Hartmann, in which he describes lessons of our ancient ancestors of why we get ourselves into the darkness by mimicking the way the dark forces act, rather than resolving the issue with a touch of Light. 

Victory of the Light!

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