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Here is the text-only version of a new article from Therese Zumi on Prepare for Change.

I agree with her that we need as many people as possible to do the new weekly ascension meditation in order to speed up the process. 


The Enormous Importance of the New Weekly Ascension Meditation
So many of us are asking ourselves daily what more could I do to actually affect The Event happening as soon as possible. Cobra has now provided us with a new weekly Ascension meditation because this format will more easily be accepted by many other Lightworker groups around Gaia who regularly meditate for peace and ascension. It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore, we are upgrading our Weekly Event Meditation and transforming it into Weekly Ascension Meditation to reach as many people as possible to join us.”
In this visualization we will be “sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously.” When we take part in this meditation we are functioning like portals and anchors for the Light from above and below. You have all heard the expression used to describe The Event i.e. Compression Breakthrough when the light from above meets the light from below on the surface of our planet and this meditation clearly shows us the part that we can play in The Event actually taking place;
We have heard time and time again that the greater the number of people meditating / focused on an outcome the quicker the result. In this article I would like to share the notes I made from a recent channeled discussion (see Please Note below) with Archangel Uriel – Bringer of the Future – and His view of where we now need to be to“force a clear signal” which will then create what we desire. In this discussion A Uriel is teaching us about our own ability to be the creators of our future. Active visualization and meditation focused on a particular outcome is vital in creating change. He was asked what still might be hindering us from reaching our goal and he suggested that there were two distinct areas that He needed to address.

Two Things that Must Be Left Behind Us Now!

He claims that some of us are still looking at the future in 2 ‘incorrect’ (not entirely positive) ways. Example nr.
1) is someone looking at the time after The Event/Reval and thinking “wow now I am wealthy and I can just ‘unplug’ cos my life is solved and I can escape into my fantasy life.” Now even if many will need and should absolutely take a vacation / break when this is all over (as suggested in my last article “We will Hold the Vision as Long as it Takes”) – this is NOT what The Event / Reval is truly about. It is not about escaping reality it is about a time of living and co-creating in great joy on the physical plane while also being in a process of ascension.

The second (2) ‘incorrect’ approach to our future is even more destructive and continues to keep the vision of the future ‘faded’ – ‘pale’ – less ready to manifest and it is “avarice and greed”. Sadly, this is still a problem. This is not merely a sense of “I want more money, energy etc. to be a promoter of well-being upon the planet” – but it is simply greed for greed’s sake.
Instead, WHEN YOU HOLD THE VISION OF THE LOVE – the arrival of abundance for everyone – THEN YOU ARE IN FACT CREATING – it could be described as that we areFORCING a CLEAR SIGNAL.Lies and Fabrication

Once again we must avoid reading and believing all of the fabrication and lies spread on the Net at this time. Even Archangel Uriel is now warning about this. These speculative liars and disinformation agents are at work in every area from the fake light community, to wars, to politics and not in least finance. If you are concerned with the effects of a financial crash and continually read articles warning about this being due any minute, then you are creating huge and unnecessary anxiety for yourself. ‘They’ cannot afford to allow this to happen – so the band aid process of keeping the system working will go on. When it does ‘collapse’ that will be the time of the arrests of the cabal – the time of The Event. You are not at risk of losing that which is truly yours when the New Financial System comes into being. So quit worrying, relax and try to be happy because abundance is coming to EVERYONE on this planet.


Across this entire planet we are now attuning ourselves to the frequency of Love. There are two separate processes taking place. Months ago many were in a state of exhaustion. Then there has been a ‘fed up’ phase that has enveloped the Lightworker community. Now this is POSITIVE because this state has brought on the desire for change and that we absolutely need to DO SOMETHING now to bring about change. Everyone including Ascended Beings like Yeshua are saying that it is time for ACTION.

So according to Archangel Uriel we have reached a point where the general feeling among the Lightworkers is now “We will do everything we can”“The general force of the Love vibration that is sweeping this planet will manifest very quickly all of the good that we envision. All of these things that we hope and dream of are IN ALIGNMENT with the Mothers plans for Gaia and therefore cannot fail to manifest.”

Those projects that are not in alignment with what the Goddess / Mother has planned for Gaia will simply fade away, die out completely.

There will no longer be any armed confrontation, wars and mayhem on Gaia. There will no longer be any political injustice, fiscal or gender — THESE WILL FADE AWAY simply because they are not in alignment with Divine Will”
Because our frequency is rising then all that we hope and envision has already got a ‘green light’ there is no other way ahead. There is absolutely no room for any negative timeline any longer to emerge. The more that we focus on this vision in unison the quicker it can manifest.

This enormous undertaking is a total paradigm shift – not merely a new financial system / Nesara.
How on earth could we be expecting politicians that are now in power, politicians that have held us in bondage to be a part of suddenly giving us back our freedom! There is no way that that is going to happen. Anything that you read in mainstream and that causes you concern right now – well your wasting your time and energy on any focus on these things! Continually I am asked by concerned readers about the necessity of The Event taking place because evidence shows how the big banks are about to fail and what havoc this will create.
We are holding a frequency that will CHANGE who is in office completely. To have any change like a new financial system or reevaluation there will first have to be a removal of those in power who have created this situation we are in. So arrests first and then a necessary closing down of the existing corrupt system so it can be replaced by a new and transparent spiritual financial system. Don’t even dream of any kind of ‘reval’ of any financial system any other way – it’s not possible.
The revolution of the HEART that is changing the paradigm is already well underway and so this change is already happening and like Cobra said recently when the change takes place it will all be very rapid. A domino effect is putting it mildly.
We know WHAT we want to happen when this change takes place. Those plans are already in place – the template for those plans are already in our hearts and minds – even if not every single final detail is in place. As the Company of Heaven is already present at all times in Lightworker projects for the future development on Gaia we need have no doubt as to the right people turning up to coordinate the new projects. There will be the perfect mix of people involved and we can trust in this taking pace.  However, we are too much focused as to WHEN.

There is no way that we can fathom or take in all of the amazing plans that are right now ‘ready to go’ as soon as the situation allows them to do so. There are already groups that have formed on so many levels ‘across the board’ and worldwide ready to initiate an equality of abundance for myriads of groups that have been ignored or underprivileged in one way or another.

The ‘litmus test’ for every single meeting where the future details of any plans are being discussed is simply “Is this of love? Is this going to be equally benefitting to everyone involved? Is there further information needed to proceed with this project? As Spirit / Source will be involved with all true projects then the answer to that query will be readily available as guidance and direction. Then you plan the next meeting and continue on bravely and though there might be small missteps on the way there will not be any tragic missteps and this is a promise from Source.


As the veil is thinning, many are now having clear contact with their Guides on the Spiritual planes. Lightworkers are now understanding more their roles as ‘portals’ between the Heart of Gaia and the higher dimensional Spiritual Guides. “A bridge between worlds has not only opened but had been crossed. A “Cooperative, collegial, unified undertaking” is what is now taking place between Heaven and earth.” We are being led forward and guided by Source every step of the way and that means RIGHT NOW not that it will be so after The Event.
An enormous undertaking is now developing – like a beautiful interwoven tapestry it grows and develops.

Yes everyone wants to get started and we are all wanting this to take place NOW and what is needed NOW is a stronger harmonization. What is needed now are those regular (daily if you like but at least Sundays at 4pm GMT) recurring unified weekly meditations. We need to see to it that they GROW not fade out as the weeks go by. We need to encourage one another to take part and hold the vision steady.
Please do everything that you can personally to inform anyone you know who meditates to join us in this effort. Every person counts.

Archangel Uriel asks 2 things of us now 1) we must “Hold the Love vibration – keep the frequency because that is what keeps the green light green”. He means that we must stay in the harmony, the highest vibration of Love that we can, of our highest self and in the highest collective energy. Then He 2) wants us to hold the vision of the ‘Green Light’.
Avarice and Greed – No Need
If The Event were to take place today and we suddenly no longer had to be concerned with things like taxes (after Compression Breakthrough there are plans that propose that only newly created articles will be taxed and then used for costs like infrastructure), when we have enough for rent each month, no longer have to save on food, have money enough to afford holidays and some luxuries, money enough to purchase a home of our own if we so desire, can consider having hobbies that earlier would have been too expensive etc.; Why then would there be any need for people having greedy attitudes?
This morning on mainstream media news I heard that 6500 people had this week been rescued at sea by the Italian coastguard in the Mediterranean in ONE day!! These people are fleeing from countries where they have nothing. They risk dying at sea because there is no life that they can see ahead of them where they are now.
How can there be room for avarice and greed in people’s minds? The simple knowing that after The Event everyone on this planet will be taken care of and will have all of their basic needs and more should bring joy to our souls and leave no room for avarice. This avarice and greed is born from a longing for Love. Like Cobra says this planet and everyone on it needs a group hug!
To Sum Up!
So to sum up Archangel Uriel wants us to be ready (at our own pace and time) after The Event to play our unique part in the co-creation of a Golden Age – a true 2nd Renaissance on Gaia. He requests that any greedy attitudes be left behind now and that our focus forward be placed on ‘forcing a clear signal’ sending a clear message of the intentions we desire to manifest.
This Sunday the 4th of September and thereafter each Sunday at 4pm GMT until we are free we will unite and we will focus like one super consciousness upon seeing our goal manifested as clearly as possible.
Besides knowing/accepting that we are Love and that Love is the answer to everything there is simply nothing more powerful that we can unite in doing right now – that can actually affect the earlier rather than later arrival of The Event.  
Be sure to check out your local times for this meditation which will take place each Sunday until the day of liberation is upon us.

Please Note:
As quite a bit of the information in this piece comes from channeled information I must warn that reader discretion/discernment is advised.
PS: The notes in italics here are the ones that I wrote while listening and not an exact transcript. The transcript for these radio shows is usually available after some weeks and I shall add it here if its available as I publish this article.
Here is the link to the source of the original information.
An Hour with An Angel: Archangel Uriel Brings Us the Future
To learn more about Archangel Uriel – Bringer of the Future go to this link:
PS: in this week’s PFC monthly interview with Cobra he answers several questions connected to the effects of meditations on the arrival of The Event. I strongly urge everyone to read or listen to that information.

Therese Zumi
 02nd September 2016 at 1833 PM CEST

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