Monday, December 07, 2020

Signatures needed to support the implementation of Galactic Codex on Earth

A compilation of signatures is being gathered now for the Galactic Codex to anchor into this dimension. 

You can found out more about the Galactic Codex here:

The Signatures and Free Will of the people symbolize the energetic commitment and intention that will become a signatory of the codex and this will create a very beautiful connection between all of us on the Earth. 

This project can be seen as a contiuation of this petition where more than 10,000 signatures were gather.

By activating this course of action, we are conscious signatories of the Galactic Codex. And we are uniting with the Source.

This will generate a field of energy that supports its manifestation. 

As suggested by Cobra, this Codex is the actual legal basis for the Event and Divine Intervention to happen on Planet Earth. 

Why do we do this in this manner? We are asking the Creator/Source directly to assist us now on the planet as the veil is dissolving?

Here are some key points why we need to anchor the Galactic Codex:

1. The Earth is a quarantine zone, the Light Forces cannot directly intervene yet, and many people are suffering.

2. The Earth has not implemented the Galactic Codex yet.

3. The Galactic Codex is a cosmic grace and needs to be anchored.

4. This can ensure that each individual and the future timeline have more light grace intervention.

5. This can reduce the control and attack of the dark forces on the surface.

6. More peaceful transition towards the event. It will have a higher positive impact on the uncertainty when disassembling the matrix.

7. Improve the quality of life of individuals and society on a large scale

8. Manifesting New Atlantis

If we can have a critical mass of 144,000 signatures, we can achieve the best result. It will even be better if we can get even more signatures.

You can download or print out the Galactic Codex, sign it physically or digitally, and then send the signed version to

Note: No signature will be shared out to anyone. It can just be initials as well. We have to legally anchor the galactic codex into this dimension and we have a special galactic legal team assisting us with this divine activation.

More details of this project can be found here:

Chinese versions of the video below:


 Victory of the Light!

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